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The boutique winery Moreno Ivančić invites you to come to a Standard Wine Tasting. Taste all our wines , and after that  you can choose the perfect wine for yourself. No reservation is required for this wine tasting.  Just bring yourself. Our Tasting Room & Wine Shop are open every day.  In the summer time you can also visit the Wine Bar.

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      Tradition in a modern style 


Tradition in a modern style, is how we describe ourselves.
We are a family-owned and run winery that produces high quality wines from local grape varietals. Beyond winemaking, we have started producing spirits like grappa.

Our strength, desire, and inspiration for winemaking arise from the territory upon which we live, and from the tradition we are preserving.

What does a boutique winery mean? To us, it means a small family-owned and run winery, producing a limited series of bottles, and high quality wines. This allows us to give personalized attention to every bottle and individualized service that is both intimate and authentic. That is who we are.

We produce our wines exclusively in "terra rossa" red soil. We adore and appreciate our red soil because it gives us wines with expressed minerality.


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Do you want to have an authentic Istrian wine experience? Book your wine-tasting package. The minimum is 2 people and maximum is 80 people. Enjoy a guided tasting in our authentic Istrian atmosphere in the tasting room, accompanied by premium Istrian wine & typical Istrian cold meats.


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